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Push-Lock Dimmer to RJ12 cable

Push-Lock Dimmer to RJ12 cable


RJ12 RJ45 Cables


Indoor Grow Light Solutions


An Introduction


This solution is a home assistant-based plant growth light control solution. The entire system uses BLE mesh technology, which can regularly adjust the light switch, brightness and wavelength according to the growth law of plants, and can automatically adjust the plant growth light according to environmental changes.


BLE MESH technology


The MESH network can support more than 200 BLE mesh grow lights with low network latency and support the bluetooth SIG MESH standard.


Support group control, you can group indoor plant growth lights, and group control for different periods or different plants.


In the absence of a network, local control is supported, and all lamp settings can be configured indoors without network requirements.


No wiring required, separate installation, connection control via Bluetooth mesh.


Real-time monitoring of environmental data for effective adjustment, and use of data charts to track and analyze plant growth.


Set linkage scenes, customize switches, adjust color temperature according to ambient temperature, etc.


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RJ12 T-shaped Splitter


RJ12 to M16 waterproof Cable


RJ12 to 3.5 Jack Extension Cable  


Push-Lock Dimmer to RJ12 cable 


RJ12 Daisy Chain Geeklight Cable


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RJ12 to M16 waterproof CablePush-Lock Dimmer to RJ12 cable RJ12 Daisy Chain Geeklight Cable

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